Hollywood 1 Starring:

Tom Love as Johnny Carson

Ed Radetich as Ed McMahon

Toss-up between Larry Miller & Msgr. Bottino as "Seinfeld's" George Costanza.
*Note: Msgr. Bottino, since his Somerdale days, is also famous for
possessing the personality of Benito Mussolini...

Bill Buffington as
the former host of
A&E's "Biography"

Terry Carr as Ralph Cramden

Frank Piarulli as
Philadelpia Eagles
Head Coach Andy Reid

Lonnie Monaco as Mel Gibson

Rosemarie Leone
as Joan Rivers

Cindy Luthman
as Reba McIntyre

Mike Chico
as Tony Orlando
(with a haircut)

Joe Baratta as
Bandleader Mitch Miller

Joseph Gerst as
Sgt. Mooney from
the "Dennis the Menace"
60's TV Show

The ACTUAL Sgt. Mooney from
"Dennis the Menace" (George Cisar)