St. Joseph, Woodstown

Father Theodore Schneider, S.J., from St. Joseph's, Willings Alley, Philadelphia, made regular visits to the Catholics of South Jersey in Salem County, and his baptismal register's first entry was October 5, 1743, near the glass works in Alloway, part of the present Woodstown parish. Father Ferdinand Steinmyer, S.J., known as "Father Farmer", continued the work which was interrupted by the Revolutionary War. In 1872, the first church was built at the intersection of Mullica Hill Road and Harrisonville Road. From 1876 until 1887, the church was a mission of the Salem parish and then a mission of St. Joseph's, Swedesboro. In 1890, Father Dernis took up residence in Woodstown and the parish established. In 1894, Woodstown again became a mission of Swedesboro until it was reinstated as a parish in 1899, with Father John O'Farrell as second pastor of the parish. The church was moved from its first to present location in 1899.

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