St. Mary Magdalen, Millville

In 1843, a building was purchased by the early Catholics of Port Elizabeth, within the confines of the present St. Mary Magdalen parish. The building had been an academy and was blessed and opened as a church in 1845 by Father Francis X. Gartland, pastor of St. John's in Philadelphia. The first church in Millville was built in 1861 under Father Joseph Wurth. Father Martin Gessner was appointed first pastor of Millville in May 1864.

In 1871, a new combination church-school building was constructed on Buck Street and a rectory built in 1865 on the corner of Dock and Depot Streets. This building was demolished in 1956 and replaced by the present rectory in 1957. In 1909, a basement was erected for a new stone church and was roofed over and used as a church. In 1928, a school was erected over the basement church. The dedication of the new church took place on March 27, 1955, and a new school building and new convent were completed in February 1964.

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