St. Mary, Vineland

The early pioneers and founders of St. Mary's Parish, East Vineland, felt the importance to establish themselves spiritually as well as physically in the land they were clearing to farm. Starting in the 1870's they dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to achieve their goal. First Masses were celebrated in a family's home.

Under the leadership of Reverend Eugene Procile and Reverend Peter Jachetti, Fathers of Mercy, St. Mary's became a reality in 1884 when a small church was built. Unfortunately, the church was never used for public worship because the day after its completion it was destroyed by a violent storm. The new St. Mary's Church was built in 1887. The church served the parish for 35 years. On April 3, 1922, St. Mary's Church was completely destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt the same year. As a strong community, St. Mary's which consists of descendants of the early pioneers and the settlers that followed as well as all parishioners at large, flourishes and continues to carry out the legacy of its forefathers. In 1958, the parish built St. Mary's School. It opened in 1960, became regionalized in 1971, and enjoys a fine reputation for its academic, social and spiritual values.

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