"A Way of Life"

There is much in the Gospels that helps us understand the concept of Christian Stewardship. Stewardship offers a way to invite all of our people to become more aware of Jesus Christ, His example, and how through Stewardship, we can become authentic Disciples of Christ. Through commitments of Talent, Treasure, and Time, parishioners will discover that they grow spiritually and that their faith is deepened. As this conversion begins, the parish becomes an active center of ministry supported with resources of people educated in the Faith and giving not out of obligation but of appreciation for God's grace in their lives. Parishes are the place where people experience "Church". The local parish is more than just a building or geographic boundary. It is a community of faith and action where we can see the face of Jesus in the face of a neighbor. Together, we endeavor to continue the Mission of Jesus Christ and grow closer to the example He established. Together we must now embark on an intense but rewarding initiative to bring a renewed vitality to our Church. Conversion takes time and constant opportunities to grow in faith. Stewardship is a ministry of hope and of faith that will require work, prayer and understanding to make it succeed. Through it, we can become even better stewards of our Church and help lead the People of God to accept and embrace a greater role in their parish, diocese and world. In so doing, we can all come to learn more about our relationship with God and the need for our increased role in the Church.